March 1  Tonight, we welcomed the Pullman Conductors of Jazz back to the Cottage for their fourth visit. Matt Puralewski (tuba/bass/vocal), Jack Rusnak (cornet/vocal), Dennis Trainor (clarinet/saxophone), Bill Hutchins (guitar/vocal), and Kevin Mann (trombone/vocal). The quintet played two superb sets of music that included Dixieland, swing, mainstream jazz and blues.

February 23  This evening, Perry Huntoon's presentation was “We Called It Music.”  Perry took a look at banjoist/guitarist Eddie Condon and his ‘Americondon’ Chicago Style jazz.

February 16  Tonight, Frank Slabinak presented a "Jazz Movie Night." Frank's choice of movie was St. Louis Blues, a 1958 film broadly based on the life of W. C. Handy and starring Nat King Cole, Eartha Kitt, Cab Calloway, Ella Fitzgerald, Mahalia Jackson, Teddy Buckner, Barney Bigard, 'Red' Callender, Lee Young and Pearl Bailey.

February 9  This evening, Society President Ian Tiele's presentation was "A Quartet of One." Ian presented four unrelated 30-minute topics: Billie, Ben and Sweets, Calypso Jazz, Black British Swing and Everything Happens to Me.

February 2  Tonight, we welcomed the Chris Davis Jazztet to the Cottage for their first visit. The band is made up of Chris Davis (trumpet), Casey Fitzpatrick (tenor saxophone), Stuart Mindeman (piano), Patrick Mulcahy (bass) and Marcus Evans (drums). This excellent quintet played two sets of  modern jazz with style, flair and amazing energy.

January 26  This evening, Frank Slabinak's audio-visual presentation was "Swinging on the Silver Screen." Frank's talk took a look at some of the big bands that appeared on the silver screen during 1920s and 30s. We watched some excellent film clips including ones by Tal Henry and His North Carolinians, The Mound City Blue Blowers, Don Redman and Noble Sissle.

January 19 Tonight was a "Jazz Movie Night," featuring Charles Mingus: Triumph of the Underdog, a documentary about the great bassist and Eddie Jefferson In Concert, a 1979 concert recorded at Chicago's Jazz Showcase.

January 12  This evening, we welcomed Paris Swing to the Cottage for their first visit. The band comprises Eddie Harrison (tenor saxophone), Natalie Scharf (tenor saxophone), Doug Scharf (trumpet), Bob Skallerup (trombone), Chester Tocha (guitar), Stacy McMichael (bass) and Derek Henderson (drums). This wonderful septet played two sets of amazing mainstream and boppish jazz.

January 5 Tonight's presentation by John Moscinski was titled "What's in a Name?" John tested the knowledge of our members and guests by playing a selection of jazz tunes and asking the audience who composed each tune and to whom they were dedicated.  There were prizes for those who got the most answers correct.

December 29 This evening was a "Free and Easy Night." Members brought along jazz music and video from their own collections to play and discuss.

December 22  No Meeting - Room not available

December 15  No Meeting - Room not available

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