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March 17 Tonight's presentation by society president Ian Tiele took an audio-visual look at the life and career of multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, vocalist, composer and comedian Slim Gaillard. As well as examples of Gaillard's music, we watched various film clips, including footage from American and British television programs.

March 10 This evening, John Moscinski looked at the was that George and Ira Gershwin’s music has been portrayed by jazz musicians and vocalists throughout the years.

March 3  Tonight's presentation by Lee Goode delved into the life and career of bop-era pianist Cedar Walton. Though not a household name, Walton had an extremely long career, and Lee demonstrated his playing with some excellent music selections, including Giant Steps (with John Coltrane),  Ain't That Something (with Charles McPherson and his own composition Holy Land.

February 25  This evening's presentation by Perry Huntoon took an audio-visual look at some of the great jazz that has performed over the last few years at France’s Amarinois Jazz Festival.

February 18  Tonight's live jazz was brought to us by the great Marshall Vente Octet. The band has played superb jazz for us on several previous occasions, and tonight was no exception. This evening's octet personnel was Marshall Vente (piano, arranger, conductor), Jack Baron (tenor saxophone), John Bowes (tenor/alto saxophone), Chip Gdalman (baritone saxophone), John Mose (trombone), Terry Connell (trumpet), Jim Batson (bass) and Steve Shebar (drums).

February 11  This evening's audio-visual presentation by Marc Kritzer was "To Jazz or Not to Jazz 7." Marc again asked the question "is it jazz? as he played a number of varied musical selections while also entertaining his audience with a well-produced and humoress video.

February 4  Tonight's presentation by Ian Tiele and Lee Goode was "East or West; Which Coast Is the Best?" Ian and Lee  debated the merits of these two important jazz areas and the styles associated with them by using musical examples that included tracks by Cab Calloway, Art Pepper, Gerry Mulligan and Miles Davis.

January 28  This evening's audio-visual presentation by Carl Movrich gave us an insight into the history of the boogie woogie style of jazz. We listened to some amazing piano performances by Meade Lux Lewis, Albert Ammons, Pete Johnson, Art Tatum and Sir Charles Thompson, as well as some big band boogie woogie from Glenn Miller and Tommy Dorsey. We even watched a film clip of the Andrews Sister singing Booogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B.

January 21  Tonight's Jazz Movie Night presented by John Moscinski was titled "Big Band Night." We swung into the new year with performances and interviews by some of the greatest stars of the Big Band era, concentrating on the music of Woody Herman and his various "Herds."

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