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July 20  Tonight, John Moscinski presented the second half of his “Best of Fifties Jazz?” presentation, again asking the audience to decide on the music to be played throughout the evening.

July 13  This evening's presentation by Perry Huntoonwais "Stan Kenton: A Look at the Early 1950's Recordings." Perry  looked at some of Kenton's less commercial record sides.

July 6 Tonight, society president Ian Tiele took an audio-visual look at some of the live jazz recorded at Copenhagen's famous Jazzhus Montmartre jazz club, covering the period 1959 to 2015.

June 29 This evening's live jazz was brought to us by the Jim Cooper/Mark Colby Quartet. Vibraphonist, Jim Cooper teamed up with Chicago’s top tenor saxophonist, Mark Colby for a night  of incredible jazz. The quartet is Jim Cooper (vibraphone), Mark Colby (tenor saxophone), Stewart Miller (bass) and Jonathan Wenzel (drums).

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